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Cow Tribute

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This week I have had the pleasure of creating this Cow tribute for my own granddads funeral, something that was very appropriate to the occasion, he had worked his entire life on a diary farm, I really wanted to create something to pay tribute to his life, and I don't think I could have done anything more suitable. To create the cow I used an oasis base, I used white double chrysanthemum to mass the design, and created the correct colours by using floral spray paint. Of course black for the spots, light pink for the udder, and silver for the feet. I added a few little touches likes its eyes, and rope around its neck. I then used dried corn, white and peach roses for the sprays to match in with the double ended spray I did. I loved creating this design, something a little different. I can create almost anything out of flowers, in the past I have done a tractor, a bicycle, and religious symbols, and now a cow.

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