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Valentines Flowers

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valentines 2020

Valentines day is just around the corner on the 14th of February, and flowers truly are the perfect romantic gesture to make someone feel special.
There really is no better feeling than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Flowers by Ruth will be making lots of deliveries this valentines day either to your work or home.
Weather you want to spend a little or a lot, we are very accommodating with prices starting from £15.99 to £69.99.

Red Roses are a popular choice as they symbolise romance and love, we pride ourselves on using the best quality large headed Naomi Roses.

  • Trio of 3, x3 luxury red Roses in a beautiful gold vase with modern greenery. £15.99
  • x6 crimson kisses, x6 Luxury red roses in a pretty gift bag. £23.99
  • Luxury dozen, x12 luxury Red Roses either packaged in a gift bag or hatbox. £39.99
  • Luxury 2 dozen x24 luxury Red Roses in a gift bag. £69.99

Pink Roses symbolise love, gratitude and appreciation, they are the perfect choice to say thankyou to someone you love this Valentines.

  • Why not choose a dozen pink Roses in a luxury vase arranged with sweet smelling Genista. £34.99

    The white Rose represents marriage and new starts,the perfect choice if your newly engaged or married.

  • Why not choose one of our hatboxes filled with white Roses and delicate wax flower. £39.99

    The yellow Rose represents friendship. joy and good heath, valentines day isn't just for couples why not celebrate a friendship.
    Why not choose 6 yellow roses arranged in a gift bag. £20.00

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