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I love taking part at floral competitions, so far I have exhibited at Nantwich show, Cheshire show, and for my local young farmers group that I am a part of. Every time I compete I have to think carefully about what I am going to do as my idea, and often try a few different designs before I decide eventually what I shall do. Its great being able to experiment with my flowers, the more crazy the idea the better, it gives me a chance to do something completely different that I wouldn't normally do day to day. Believe it or not, I enjoy the nervous feeling you get before and while you are competing, and its such a high when you place somewhere as well. I have been lucky enough to come first and second with my designs many times, especially when I am against such talent.
One of my favourite competitions I entered had the theme 'sport' although it sounds simple I did as much as I could to make it a little different. I used a square pedestal, with a large piece of drift wood balanced between the flowers, this was to represent the water falling off the rocks. Attached to the pedestal I used rowing ours. I used soft Gypsohilla this looked like the bubbles of water, and dark blue Delphinium for height and depth of colour.
Another favourite of mine was the theme 'Mirror' I loved creating this design, I tried to make the flowers look like they are being mirrored on the water, I placed the flowers as if they had naturally grown that way, I then brought them outwards as if you were looking at the reflection on the water.

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